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Four helpful work tips

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Remember the days when we though school was bad, we were waiting to break free and start working in the real word. Then university rolls around and things get even more stressful you begin to see a whole new level of people and once it finally time to step in to the really world things get a lot more complicated that what we knew in school. The different flavors of people that you meet and the situations that you face become challenges that you have to face on a daily basis. And a little part of you, dreams of the simpler timer when things were less complicated. These tips come in handy, not just at work but, life in general.

Listen carefully before you speak

Now this has been something that we have been taught from a very young age. Although we often forget to stop and listen before responding. Sometime silently listening can become the best answer in certain situations. Only use your words when needed, cos meaningless words uttered will not benefit you or anyone else.

Be considerate of others

Certain decisions maybe the best in your opinion but always stop to think how it might affect the other that are connected directly or indirectly. This doesn’t only apply to decisions, but even the words that come out of your mouth. There are some that can handle a joke well and even enjoys sarcasm. Although there are some jokes that can get to some personally and there might be one or two that don’t enjoy jokes that much. Always know your audience before you speak because you don’t want be known as the one that makes the crowd uncomfortable.

Keep your personal thoughts to yourself

There’s always going to be one or two colleagues or subordinates that aren’t your favorite, or situations that disappoint, make you feel angry or uncomfortable. We are all entitled for our own opinion but that doesn’t necessarily mean we should expect everyone to look though one lens. Everybody sees different things in many different ways, and getting your personal feeling in the mix makes it a mess. Before you make your personal thoughts known other, step back and walk a mile in that persons shoes. When personal thoughts and attitude mix together, it makes a potion that is irreversible.

Respect everyone


This is another rule that we all need to follow in general. As mentioned above we might not always feel the same about every person that we meet, although shouldn’t affect the respect we have for those that are around. Everyone is unique in their own way and appreciating and managing yourself among the mix is what makes it work. There can always be a moment where you might find that one person you least appreciate, helpful.

An office environment is quite similar to that of a jungle, you get the vicious ones, the innocent ones, the cunning ones, the strong and the weak, but somewhere down the line there’s a balance that makes it all work.

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