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Taking an idea one step further.

hSenid Ventures is an angel investment company that aids budding software development firms to grow with minimum capital. Supporting entrepreneurs with inadequate capital, gain a head start on their businesses.

Loft 1024 – Incubator

An incubator for Sri Lankan start-up companies that allows budding entrepreneurs with insufficient capital to continue building their business within private or open-plan work spaces that can be customised to fit individual requirements.


Lanka Nippon Biz Tech Institute (LNBTI)

LNBTI is a joint venture between Metatechno Japan inc. & hSenid Ventures. This is a Japanese based technology university established with an aim to offer high quality Japanese Information & Communication related Technologies and Japanese language to Sri Lankan students.


Shaping the future of business.

We offer services that will help shape the future of business by becoming educating and supporting the budding talent of Sri Lanka. Taking the brilliant minds one step closer towards the future of business.

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