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HR Technology: The Rise in “Small” Software and Business Apps

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After a thorough analysis of the trends this year, HR Technology has welcomed a new hot trend; usage of small applications that are simple and employee or business-oriented. There are many applications that are used in HR, which gives ease to the workflow. However, these applications are emphasised on being simple instead of powerful.

These applications are being developed to improve the “user friendliness” or “user experience”. However, as of late, vendors have started minimizing the number of functions that an application carries out. They are working towards minimizing the gap between what the software can d and what users actually do with it.

“Small” software and applications are those that carry out a specific function and are ought to be part ofthe bigger solution but it just is not; they carry out a specific function on its own.

There are many types of small software applications that have been released. There is an applicationthat allows the sharing of video clips from one device to another. Apparently, a modern mobile-enabledLMS does not allow this function, making it a very useful application for organisations worldwide.

Employee oriented applications aim at serving employees. There are applications that allow employees swap time shifts on their own and manage their career even when switching organisations. This is quite different to employee self-service, where an HR administrative activity is taken and passed along to employees. With small software applications, it can be done to help employees directly.

Business-oriented software is aimed mainly at managers are the superiors of the organisation. There are applications that have an enterprise goal setting system excluding all the performance appraisal tools. The reason that performance appraisals are excluded is because managers care about goals and objectives. Performance appraisal is solely HR and not business.

This trend is important and fast and HR needs to think about whether they are making HR run efficiently or the organisation run efficiently.

How is it fascinating?

Irony. It is quite surprising how “small and simple” could mean “big and powerful”. Big and powerful would have been useful in the past, but in the modern century simple and small seems to be a good fit.

HR may have been using the wrong software all along. It seems to be that HR has been trying to make use of employee and business oriented software, and not software that has been made specifically for HR.

The software industry is leaning towards being simple and not to be complicated. If the industry is leaning towards this trend, then it is best for you to follow too. Keeping an eye on this trend will help your organisation pave its way to success.

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