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Technology: Creating Even Bigger Changes in the Workplace

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There are Human Resource professionals all over the world that are very eager and are carrying out research to a great extent for ways in which they can be more creative and innovative with HR and how technology can contribute to improving human capital management.

This could be related to managing the payroll system in their organisation or drawing up more significant workforce plans, but it is quite expected that cloud and mobile based platform can create a massive difference. To add to this, it is not only HR organisations that will benefit from the evolution of technology.

Anyone in any organisation definitely has methods of using these platforms; the cloud makes it unbelievably easy for anyone to get their work done as it enables the storing of data, sharing it, accessing it and collaborating with it. There is always an improvement in productivity where cloud based platforms are used in any organisation.

With this new and improved technology, the ways in which organisations are run are fundamentally changing all over the world. The added benefit that technology brings to HR has resulted in more work being achieved, and the benefits are spread throughout the organisation.

The software market is growing rapidly with more and more innovative technology entering the market. The biggest change that has occurred is how automating HR practices and integrating systems have grown on customers that it has become a part of their everyday lives. A few major changes that are yet to occur are given below:

Mobile will be used for “everything”

Mobile devices have been growing so fast that new and improved devices are launched so often! New models, new sizes, new features and speed and efficiency; these devices will definitely dominate and employees will be left with the task of carrying out all their work on the mobile, all the time. It is a bit shocking to think that there might be a chance that we would be bidding goodbye to those desktop computers that sit at our stations.

Work based on Analytics

Nowadays, everything that an employee carries out in an organisation has some form of intuition, experience and little bit of gut feeling that goes into making decisions. However, with the rapid growth of technology, there will be a sudden change in workforce practices and all the work that is carried out will be based on analytics.

Changes in Recruitment

One of the biggest challenges that organisations face is hiring new. This is never an easy task as great care and time should be spent in order to make sure the organisation hires the right employee. With a giant stack of resumes sitting on a desk, finding the right employee amongst that is like looking for a needle in a haystack. However, there seems to be a future in making recruitment easier with better screening and analysis of candidates that are a good fit for the job.

New and Improved Performance Management

Managers and HR professionals will soon be able to successfully gather data related to their employees faster and with much more ease, meaning that performance reviews will be easier to carry out and workforce efficiency will increase. Everything will be clearer and more organised within the organisation walls.

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