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Leave Management for dispersed workforces

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It is becoming increasingly very rare in today’s world where companies have all their team members located centrally or working from a single office. Whether it a satellite office, team members working at their home, or offsite third party vendors, the workforce of today’s world is more than likely to be dispersed among a variety of offices in separate other locations worldwide.

Most problems employees face when they are geographically distributed are mostly related to human resources- delay or miscommunication. When it comes to employees taking a leave, employees will have to send letters via post or by email to get there leaves approved and there could be chances when employees are already on leave, the leave can be rejected by the supervisor. This happens due to the delay in sending the leave and getting it approved. Employees will either have to constantly call their supervisors to ask them to approve which is very much of a hassle if it is an urgent leave.

Now with the evolution of technology in HR, now we have Human Capital Management (HCM) software’s and Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) where people can conveniently manage their leaves through this system. Employees can apply leaves through their HRIS systems from any part of the world with any device they use, then the leave request can be sent directly to the employee’s supervisor phone and the leave can be approved at that moment or can be rejected.

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