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10 Basic Characteristics of High Performance Organizations and Teams Featured

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High performance organizations and teams differ from average organizations in several ways. Here’s how;

1.    They have very clear clarity in what their vision, performance expectations and values are.
2.    Sharp focus on all the aspects of the business that is within their control, and does not get carried away with external condition that is out of their control.
3.    They have strong accountability, and hold people accountable for living the values. There will also be consequences of failing to perform. 

4.    There is no complaining or giving excuses in these organizations. Please always take complete responsibility for their mistakes, deadlines and goals.
5.    Motivation will always be driven by excitement and not by fear. This is when you are motivated by the excitement of winning or achieving goals.
6.    These organizations insist on Training and Development as managers are measured on how well their subordinates perform as well.
7.    Rewards, opportunities and pay are distributed in accordance with the individual’s performance, and not based on their tenure, experience or credentials. 
8.    They are full of employees who are responsible and brilliant in the areas of their job. They do not waste time and energy unnecessarily and will do ordinary things extraordinarily.  
9.    They foster a vigorous dialog within the organization. Hence, any employee will be able to raise issues on the status quo and give suggestions for improvement. 
10.   Even if they lose, they will most certainly show their abilities to regroup, perform exceptionally and comeback strong. 
      By implementing the above characteristics of high performance organizations and teams, you will be able to meet or exceed all your vital goals.

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