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hSenid Mobile deploys Subscriber Created Application Portal at Telkomsel, Indonesia

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The Subscriber Created Application portal known as mChoiceTM Soltura, (referred to as “freedom to explore” in Latin) architected & developed by hSenid Mobile is deployed at Telkomsel, one of the largest Mobile operators in the world with a subscriber base of over 90 million in Indonesia.

This move is to create a paradigm shift in Mobile service creation as this revolutionary portal allows any subscriber, to create their own SMS/MMS based applications. This ultimate state of content democratization converts any of Telkomsel’s subscribers, amateur or expert, into content/app providers allowing them to instantly create apps based on voting, alerts, subscription, on-demand requests etc around their areas of interest. They simply have to get onto the web based portal via URL gapurasms.telkomsel.com and follow the pre-built user-friendly wizards to get going.

This harnesses the power of social networking and community building amongst subscribers by creating a large number of interest groups around specific areas of interest inviting a wide spectrum of service providers who wish to deliver content on a channel that is accessible by all – SMS on the mobile phone.

These service providers could be SMEs who wish to engage with their customer base, Opinion leaders & celebrities who wish to update their followers or simply a local university competition deciding the winner of its reality contest, the potential is limitless whilst opening up untapped market segments of VAS and content providers.

The proliferation of these apps is expected to be widespread with SMS having an unprecedented reach over other mediums and with its instant & interactive nature justifies the promise of this platform.

“We are delighted to have rolled out mChoiceTM Soltura, at one of the leading operators in the world. It has brought to light our product philosophy of eliminating barriers for content creation and delivery and allowing anybody to create rich applications converging information, communication and entertainment. This should help Telkomsel in expanding its VAS revenue potential significantly” says, Dinesh Saparamadu, CEO hSenid Mobile.

mChoiceTM Soltura, was provided as a Cloud based managed service, with rapid integration & a quick roll out with bandwidth resources scaled up as and when needed, ideal for the modern Telecom Operator.

Telkomsel says, “As we have proved throughout our history with innovative products, are now again on the verge of taking another giant leap into an uncontested VAS space in a competitive telecom market. We expect this to further strengthen the loyalty of our subscribers to our network with the numerous affiliations that the portal is to generate for them and therefore extremely pleased with the rolling out of the platform”.

About Telkomsel (www.telkomsel.com)

Telkomsel is the leading operator of cellular telecommunications services in Indonesia by market share. Telkomsel provides GSM cellular services in Indonesia, through its own nationwide Dual band 900/1800 MHz GSM network, and internationally, through 238 international roaming partner in 147 countries (end of June 2005). Telkomsel has the largest network coverage of any of the cellular operators in Indonesia, providing network coverage to over 90% of Indonesia's population and is the only operator in Indonesia that covers all of the country's provinces, cities, and sub-counties ("kecamatan"). The company offers GSM Dual Band (900 & 1800), GPRS, Wi-Fi, and EDGE Technology. 

About hSenid Mobile (www.hSenidMobile.com)

hSenid Mobile, is a multi-national Telco-Mobile Software solutions company, that provides a next generation Cloud Enabled Telco Application Platform (Cloud TAP) based on its Cloud SDP enabling end to end service creation for Telco Apps with the Telco Developer Portal & the revolutionary Telco App Store. Its dynamic portfolio converging Messaging, Mobile Money, OSS/BSS & Core Signalling also contains a Subscriber created application platform, an End-to-end Customer Churn Management Solution, A Multi-Channel Top Up system, Location Based Solutions, Mobile Banking & Payment solutions, Telco Reporting amongst others. hSenid Mobile has been enabling the mobile world for well over a decade now, with a solid history of implementing cutting edge Telco middleware platforms globally. Its customer base spans across continents with some of the key being, M1 (Singapore), Telcel (Mexico), DST (Brunei), Etisalat, Dialog-Axiata, Hutch, Airtel & Mobitel (South Asia) and its Research and Business Development offices in Singapore, Malaysia, USA, India & Sri-Lanka.

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