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hSenid Mobile unveiled the “Telco App Store” at the GSMA Mobile World Congress 2011

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Singapore, 21 February 2011 – At this year’s GSMA Mobile World Congress, the industry’s largest and most important event attracting over 50,000 senior executives, hSenid Mobile showcased the unique “Telco App Store” that is to provide Telecom Operators the opportunity to claw their way back in the Mobile Apps market.


The proliferation of mobile applications may have transformed the Mobile industry but it certainly hasn’t realized its full potential. With nearly 80% of mobile users still using feature phones - it is a market that remains significantly underserved. Telecom Operators too, despite various attempts of either embracing or replicating conventional mobile app ecosystems, have failed to capitalize on this booming potential other than bear the burden of additional data usage of top tier phones - when the answer lies in targeting the entire subscriber base with apps that monetizes their network assets.



Jordi Lluarado - hSenid Mobile's European Business Development manager speaking to a prospective client.


The Telco App Store is to address these market gaps by rolling out a rich breed of network centric “Telco Apps” based on the Operator’s unique network capabilities such as SMS, MMS, Location etc. And its unique Application discovery via multiple interfaces such as the Web, WAP, USSD, IVR etc helps to reach out to both smart as well as standard feature phones. The Telco App store is therefore the ideal solution to provide the “App store experience” to a diverse mass market and not a privileged few.


Subscribers of all tiers in the market will now have a plethora of utility and downloadable apps at their choice, on a dimension they are so used to, on channels that are easily accessible, irrespective of handset types or systems. Thus a rich “App store experience to all” enabled by unique App discovery mechanisms coupled with enhanced and convenient navigation on interfaces that is certain to be available on every phone.


This potential provides the opportunity to attract and inspire application developers based around their localities to come up with applications suited to their surroundings. It should spark the possibility of apps serving various spectrums of a market and operators will therefore have the unique strength to attract low to very high-end application developers.


The advent of a global “Telco Developer Community” that operators can leverage from as well as cultivate in the country they are based in can ensure a rich supply of apps onto the store – subscribers will therefore enjoy apps that are relevant to their day to day lives and their communities.


hSenid Mobile CEO, Dinesh Saparamadu says, “We are delighted to promote this ground-breaking solution that is to transform the market potential of Mobile Apps by catering to an entire subscriber base of an Operator overcoming the barriers of handset types and models.”


About hSenid Mobile (www.hSenidMobile.com)

hSenid Mobile, is a multi-national Telco-Mobile Software solutions company, that provides a next generation Cloud Enabled Telco Application Platform (Cloud TAP) based on its Cloud SDP enabling end to end service creation & discovery for Telco Apps with the Telco Developer Portal & the revolutionary Telco App Store. Its dynamic portfolio also contains a Subscriber created application platform, an End-to-end Customer Churn Management Solution, A Multi-Channel Top Up system, Location Based Solutions, Mobile Banking & Payment solutions, SMSC & USSD content gateways.. hSenid Mobile has been enabling the mobile world for well over a decade now, with a solid history of implementing cutting edge Telco middleware platforms globally. Its customer base spans across continents with some of the key being, M1 (Singapore), Telcel (Mexico), DST (Brunei), Etisalat, Dialog-Axiata, Hutch, Airtel & Mobitel (South Asia) and its Research and Business Development offices in Singapore, Malaysia, USA, India & Sri-Lanka.

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