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hSenid Software International the number one Human Resources Solution provider in Sri Lanka with the aspiration of giving something back to the HR community organized a knowledge sharing forum on the 19th of September 2007.    

Human resource Management is considered to be something which is very crucial to any organization, responsible for recruiting, training and rewarding talented employees which creates a competitive advantage and responsible for organizational growth. The motivation to organize a forum began with the identification of critical issues which led organizations to perform poorly because of poor people management skills. In today's enterprise, where so much depends on teamwork and collective knowledge, it is only a handful of people who have knowledge for which they can hold their peers to ransom. That was the thinking behind organizing a knowledge sharing session at hSenid.
hSenid as a responsible company in providing Human Resources Solutions identified the necessity of providing something back to the HR community, who has made us who we are today, organized a knowledge sharing forum by inviting HR professionals from different industrial backgrounds to collectively explore the latest HR practices and trends. The forum was conducted by Mr. Sharath Kumar the Corporate Services Director for IWMI where the main focus was on Performance Management based on competency management. Active participation of the HR personnel’s was seen as they came up with issues which they face relating to performance management, where the issues were sorted out as the forum went on. The main focus of the knowledge hub organizing committee was to have a discussion with a center-wide participation of the HR personnel rather than having an obsolete traditional presentation.    

The goal of the session was not only to have a set of generic best practices but also to focus on exchange of views experiences throughout the industry. This was the first knowledge sharing forum that hSenid organized which became a huge success and is planning to continue with this effort in addressing HR related issues in the future by inviting and encouraging key HR personnel in the industry to participate and share their individual views and knowledge.    

As a responsible company hSenid Software International identifies the importance of corporate social responsibility by addressing topics which will deliver superior value to both customers and the society. We as hSenidians identifies knowledge as power, and we are always here to share it.   

"Today knowledge has power. It controls access to opportunity and advancement." - Peter F. Drucker


About hSenid Software International

hSenid Software International is the premier software solution provider in Sri Lanka, specializing in HRM solutions, mobile applications, eCommerce & Communications solutions. The company has offices in the United States, Malaysia, India, Singapore and R&D centres in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

hSenid services a large customer base in Sri Lanka & overseas and have provided customized solutions to its clients, addressing their wide, varied & specific requirements. Due to the multiple interests of their clientele, the company has diversified to provide various products & services addressing different customer requirements, whereby – HBS – hSenid Business Solutions (Specialized unit for HR / Payroll / Time Attendance & Business Inteligence tools), BeyondM (specialized unit for mobile applications), Webitpro (Dedicated unit for Special Projects) andBPO – Business Process Outsourcing (handling all outsourcing projects). For more information, please visit: www.hSenid.com

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