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Mobile One Singapore goes live with hSenidMobile’s Next Generation SDP



Barcelona, 15th February 2010 - Mobile One (M1) Singapore, launched mChoiceTM SDP, a next generation service delivery platform which is designed to help service providers, network operators and systems integrators move from inflexible, 'silo-based networks' to a more modern, service-oriented architecture (SOA).

mChoiceTM SDP provides a flexible framework for traditional telecom services as well as the next generation of value-added services. The solution is able to leverage a telco's legacy applications such as its existing SMS Centre, MMS Centre, mediation and billing system, charging server and any other new generation third-party solution.

From a business perspective, hSenid's next generation service delivery platform includes an improved user interface for greater productivity, greater responsiveness, reliability and cost-savings, and excellent technical support provided by the hSenid team, especially in responding proactively to any issues that may arise.

As a carrier-grade SDP, mChoiceTM SDP enables M1 to deploy new services faster, easier and more cost effectively. Moreover, the solution is both open and extendable using web-based standard application programming interfaces (APIs), and is designed to help service and content providers standardise all the service interfaces based on the SOA. This standardization enables the operator to provision, control and bill for all the value-added services they provide, whether the services are developed in-house or created by third-party application developers.

Mr.Tan Tiong Heng, M1's General Manager of Core Network Planning said, "We selected hSenid for their proven quality in software, their compliance to our requirements and their flexibility in project management."

The relationship that these two companies have formed has been the key to its innovative cutting edge technology and developments in the mobile arena. "We are excited that M1 selected our mChoiceTM SDP, which provides thousands of developers to build network centric applications. To satisfy both the current and future demands of subscribers, Service providers need to launch more services faster in a cost effective manner. mChoiceTM SDP provides a complete SDP simulator to the developers to simulate the operator network on their development environment" Dinesh Saparamadu CEO hSenid Mobile Solutions.


About Mobile One :

M1 is a leading mobile communications provider in Singapore, with more than one million customers. It provides a full range of mobile voice and data communications services over its 2G/3G/3.5G network. M1 also provides international call services to both mobile and fixed line customers. It has partnered operators globally to provide its customers coverage and roaming services in over 200 countries and territories.

With a newly upgraded 3G network, M1 became the first mobile operator in Singapore to offer High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) in December 2006 when it launched 'M1 Broadband' - Singapore's first true island-wide wireless broadband service.

About hSenid Mobile :

hSenid Mobile provides a next generation Service Delivery Platform (SDP) and a unique suite of mobile solutions enabling the mobile world. Founded in 1997, the Company has offices in Singapore, Malaysia, USA, India and Sri Lanka. Since its foundation, hSenid Mobile has developed unique skills by concentrating exclusively on the requirements of people on the move. Designed and developed over a 13 year period, hSenid Mobile's solutions have been proven across Asia, Europe, North and South America with such key customers as: Mobile One (Singapore), DSTCom (Brunei), Dialog (Sri Lanka), Hutch (Sri Lanka), Mobitel (Sri Lanka), Suntel (Sri Lanka), Tigo (Sri Lanka), Airtel (Sri Lanka), Sampath Bank (Sri Lanka), Santander Bank (Spain), Seylan Bank (Sri Lanka), Telcel (Mexico) and TODO1 (Florida, USA).

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