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MySQL Outsourcing Practice

MySQL Outsourcing Practice:

hSenid is a MySQL Enterprise Gold Partner and has years of experience in developing and deploying (mission critical, high performance, telco grade) applications with MySQL. Our MySQL certified teams are well geared to share their expertise and knowledge with you either via training, consulting, implementation or providing support for existing systems.

Services offered ;


Consulting :
MySQL Architecture & Design

We can help you to design and architect your database to satisfy your exact current and future requirements. Our MySQL certified consultant team will review and analyze your database application and provide the best alternative.

Performance tuning and optimizing

Our MySQL consultants are specialized in handling critical application downtime, pinpointing performance bottlenecks, design best practices etc and will work closely with your team, explaining and implementing critical architecture and performance tuning optimization.


We at hSenid use proven methodologies and expertise to make business critical database applications highly available by eliminating downtime and automatically detecting failures and recovering them.

High availability systems

Our experts will work closely with your team to deliver high performance and high availability systems. We cover the process of designing, testing, deploying and operating modern database infrastructures to meet your exact requirements.

Data warehousing

Our MySQL consultants have the experience and knowledge to accelerate your data warehouse project. We can help you to build a data warehouse that’s flexible enough to grow with your business and lean enough to support high performance queries across large tables with terabyte of data.


We can migrate applications that are using commercial data bases to MySQL.


Support :

We offer a full range of support options to meet your specific needs. Our dedicated support engineers are ready to assist you in the development, deployment, and management of MySQL applications 24/7.

Problem resolution support

Our support team responds immediately to all your emergencies until they are solved. A quick resolution for all your technical problem as they occur. The Problem Resolution support includes:

  1. Unlimited Number of Incidents
  2. Web-based Case Management
  3. 24x7 Web and Telephone Access
  4. Emergency Response Times of 30 minutes
Implementation & Maintenance support

hSenid has years of experience and expertise using MySQL. All our certified team members are truly experts in MySQL installation and maintenance. Our support engineers can install, identify issues and resolve issues in a matter of hours since they themselves have been through it many times before.


Training :

hSenid offers comprehensive MySQL training on building world-class database solutions that would give you a competitive edge.