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HR Business Process Outsourcing

hSenid HRO (Human Resources Outsourcing):

For many companies that don't have the time or the resources to manage HR functions;, outsourcing these HR functions is a cost effective alternative to recruiting an in-house human resources staff. hSenid is proud to unveil its latest service offering - HRO which can support SME's to obtain best practices in HR processes, effectively reduce costs, enhance effectiveness, empower employees, and many more.


Time & Attendance Outsourcing

Keeping track of your employees' time and attendance and related incentives is a critical responsibility that can affect employee morale as well as productivity. With hSenid time & attendance outsourcing the customer does not need to worry about any attendance related function. By using modern technology we will capture employee attendance data and will provide all attendance related reports to the customer.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing

hSenid RPO will support organisations to recruit the most suitable candidates for your organization. hSenid RPO will administrate & manage all recruitment functions from the point of collecting candidate CV's to the final selection of the candidate. Being linked to; a job search engine and partnering with professional educational bodies in Sri Lanka, we can spot the ideal candidate for your organization.


Performance Management Outsourcing

With our vast experience in providing performance solutions to many customers in all business sectors, hSenid is familiar with the challenges of a performance appraisal process. hSenid PMO can support organisations to create, administrate & conduct an efficient performance appraisal process and provide customers with the analysis required to identify the individual strengths & weaknesses of their employees.


Payroll Process Outsourcing

On-time and accurate distribution of employee salaries is the most critical function of any company. It is also the most difficult function to administrate and manage. hSenid PPO takes over the entire operation of the payroll process of any company from identifying monthly variances to providing statutory reports & payments to the relevant statutory bodies. Our experience in paying salaries to over 500,000 individuals in Sri Lanka gives hSenid the experience & capability to manage this function successfully.


HR Function Outsourcing

In simple terms, hSenid HRFO is when organisations outsource their entire HR Department and all its functions. hSenid will provide resources in terms of people & systems to support organisations to manage & administrate all of their HR functions, policies & processes. All that is required from the customer is a senior manager to oversee the operation.