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Timex and Fergasam Group (T & FG), a frontrunner in the apparel manufacturing industry in Sri Lanka, successfully completed the implementation of hSenid's HRMenterprise - an on premise Human Resource Information System which encompasses an extensive array of solutions that allow to efficiently manage an organization's employees with tools, frameworks and methodologies for operational, tactical and strategic levels. It has enabled T & FG to standardise their HR practices and streamline their payroll process. The system also created more transparency and reinforced better communication throughout the organization.

T & FG produce fashion garments to leading markets in the European Union and USA. The Group has been in operation since 1967 and has expanded into an organization with over 12,000 employees over the decades. Their offices are in UK, Hong Kong and Europe. They possess 19 state of the art manufacturing facilities that are spread across Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, and are all certified by the Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production (WRAP). The group has grown from creative to designing, designing to pattern, pattern to new developments and new developments to direct sales.

T & FG will supplement on the many contemporary tools and frameworks integrated in HRMenterprise to enhance their Human Resource Management to outstanding levels. "Our product enabled T & FG to move from a decentralized HR system to a centralised, holistic HR system. We are very pleased to have T & FG as a part our portfolio" says the CEO of hSenid Buisness Solutions, Dinesh Saparamadu. HRMenterprise solution is developed in Sri Lanka and has now being introduced to 30+ international markets as well.

"Our expectations from HRMenterprise go far beyond streamlining the payroll process, we emphasize more on workforce development through Performance Management, Talent Management, Training and Development and Recruitment tools and frameworks encompassed in this remarkable system. Currently, our organization is undergoing an exponential growth phase, hence it is the precise time to incorporate such a system into our organization to help us support this growth" says the Group General Manager of T& FG, Rizwi Thaha. He also added, "We value creative skilled people, thus we use HRMenterprise to create a right organization structure, conduct periodic performance evaluation and facilitate two way communication to retain and manage our talent which would drive towards achieving our organizational goals."

The modules of HRMenterprise cater to all HR needs of an organization. They are a result of over 16 years of continuous innovation integrated with the expertise of many HR professionals. This system has been designed with flexibility, so that a combination of modules that best suit your organisation and industry can be selected. HRMenterprise is completely web based and has easy accessibility from anywhere in the world via internet. The extremely configurable nature of this system allows almost any change to the system's processes with very lesscomplex code changes.

hSenid Business Solutions is a premier Human Resources Information Systems solution provider; specializing in holistic human resource applications both on premise and cloud based, HR services outsourcing and software development.



hSenid Business Solutions signed with the Institute of Personnel Management Sri Lanka (IPM) for another consecutive year as the 'Technology Partner' for the National HR Conference - 2013. hsenid has been a strategic partner for IPM for this event in the aim of taking HR to greater heights in Sri Lanka.

This year the Conference will be held on 18th and 19th June at Water’s Edge, on the theme: “in search of HR excellence”. This year’s conference will feature many eminent and world renowned speakers who will enhance the clarity of the conference.

Globally renowned HR experts will deliver keynote address to over 900 HR professionals who are expected to participate. The upcoming National HR Conference and Exhibition, the foremost HR event in Sri Lanka is specially designed to bring new heights of Human Capital Management to meet the challenges in a booming economy.

CEO and founder of hSenid Dinesh Saparamadu mentioned “hsenid is happy to be a partner with Institute of Personnel Management this year and we aspire taking HR to the forefront in the context of its true meaning, towards enhancing productivity through people”

hSenid Business Solutions is the premier  HRIS solution provider in Sri Lanka, specializing in HRM solutions. An ISO 9001:2008 certified CMIi level 3 Microsoft Gold certified partner, hSenid has deployed customized solutions to a large customer base in Sri Lanka and overseas, addressing the wide, varied and specific requirements of their clients. hSenid Business solutions have been proven across Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe, India and United States with R&D centres in Sri Lanka and Malaysia.


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Shanaka Fernando, General Manager - Human Resources of WNS Global Services Pvt Ltd, Dinesh Saparamadu, CEO and Founder of hsenid Business Solutions, Dyan Seneviratne, Chief Executive Officer , Institute of Personnel Management (IPM) & Sampath Jayasundara, Director/General Manager of hsenid Business Solutions after signing the agreement.


High performance organizations and teams differ from average organizations in several ways. Here’s how;

1.     They have very clear clarity in what their vision, performance expectations and values are.
2.    Sharp focus on all the aspects of the business that is within their control, and does not get carried away with external condition that is out of their control.
3.    They have strong accountability, and hold people accountable for living the values. There will also be consequences of failing to perform.
4.    There is no complaining or giving excuses in these organizations. Please always take complete responsibility for their mistakes, deadlines and goals.
5.    Motivation will always be driven by excitement and not by fear. This is when you are motivated by the excitement of winning or achieving goals.
6.    These organizations insist on Training and Development as managers are measured on how well their subordinates perform as well.
7.    Rewards, opportunities and pay are distributed in accordance with the individual’s performance, and not based on their tenure, experience or credentials.
8.    They are full of employees who are responsible and brilliant in the areas of their job. They do not waste time and energy unnecessarily and will do ordinary things extraordinarily.  
9.    They foster a vigorous dialog within the organization. Hence, any employee will be able to raise issues on the status quo and give suggestions for improvement.
10.   Even if they lose, they will most certainly show their abilities to regroup, perform exceptionally and comeback strong.
      By implementing the above characteristics of high performance organizations and teams, you will be able to meet or exceed all your vital goals.

Congratulations! Being a Sri Lankan organization providing  HRIS solutions for Sri Lankan Airlines and the Airport and Aviation services, we would like to join hands with all Sri Lankan companies in celebrating the opening of our second International Airport at Mattala.

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