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The headlines of the year 2014 mainly showcased global economic growth and a greater level of employee engagement. With the start of the New Year, it is time to once again, predict the next big thing in HR for 2015. The fired up topic in HR is the emphasis on new technology and innovations that will drive HR forward in the coming year. From benefits technology to leveraging big data to better understanding your employees, 2015 will be more sophisticated with its new technology and methods for HR.

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After a thorough analysis of the trends this year, HR Technology has welcomed a new hot trend; usage of small applications that are simple and employee or business-oriented. There are many applications that are used in HR, which gives ease to the workflow. However, these applications are emphasised on being simple instead of powerful.

hSenidBlogPostNovemberThere are Human Resource professionals all over the world that are very eager and are carrying out research to a great extent for ways in which they can be more creative and innovative with HR and how technology can contribute to improving human capital management.

This could be related to managing the payroll system in their organisation or drawing up more significant workforce plans, but it is quite expected that cloud and mobile based platform can create a massive difference. To add to this, it is not only HR organisations that will benefit from the evolution of technology.


When it comes to selecting the right HRM solution for an organisation, there is quite a lot to do; there are different stages that one has to go through such as reviewing products, demos, collecting requirements and not to forget, the implementation process. With all this in mind, HR professionals tend to overlook one of the most important subjects of the solution: the actual user. It is critical to remember to always keep in mind their wants and needs and skills in order for them to use such a technical solution.


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Reflections of Sri Lanka, an event hosted by the Export Development Board of Sri Lanka was held in parallel to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. The exposition included products of local industries alongside state-of-the-art machinery, equipment and technology. The event was held at the Folk Art Centre of Battaramulla from the 13th to the 17th of November 2013. hSenid Business Solutions, hSenid Outsourcing and hSenid Mobile Solutions represented hSenid at this event in the ICT, KPO, BPO sector.



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